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Ethically sourced, high quality materials

Unique art furniture, handmade using locally sourced, wind-felled trees.

I utilise portable sawmills and cut wind-felled trees or branches to optimise their natural form and figure. It’s not a cheap way by any means but it also gives me access to tree-lots of high feature timbers not easily obtained through timber merchants. This timber which has continuity in colour and pattern enables me to make matching pieces without the staining-polish which mutes natural timber lustre.

Richly hued timbers, such as Macassar Ebony and Redgum, lend each of my pieces a rich materiality, while the incorporation of glass, stainless steel and bronze adds visual dynamism.

Stepping into the new unknown to generate objects which inspire others.


Nature has provided such a rich palate of natural materials. The core material I utilise is a renewable resource, timber. It’s a gift of nature, challenging yet rewarding beyond belief. Over the years I’ve developed an oeuvre of works based on two local and complimentary timbers, Macassar Ebony and Redgum. Figured Blackwood has also been an important element for me. To respond to commissions I have amassed a considerable collection of these select species which gives me broad choice of reliable, consistent material.