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Ruhlmann Bed ends –Sleep portal

As a student of design ive been influenced by all of our collective achievements. I believe we all must have our favourites and one such for me is Art Deco. I recognise it as being a bold transition into the industrialised 20th century which embraces reciprocal geometry and refined form.

Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann was clearly a leading developer and master of the Art Deco style. One of his signature motifs the fuseau leg, adorned many now famous cabinets. I have borrowed this stylization of one of nature’s pretty pink blossoms and created these segmented columns to delineate the edifice of this sleep portal.

Principal materials are stainless steel, Macassar ebony and figured maple. This example is a generous king-size which can be configured without side cabinets and scaled to suit and priced accordingly.