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Gray Hawk Practising Perfection

Greetings, from Gray Hawk

Greetings, from Gray Hawk. I have been commissioned to design and make bespoke furniture for over 40 years.

It has been a great honour and I am deeply grateful to my teachers, mentors and the many great makers who have illuminated the scope of this wonderful profession.

My life has foremost been a spiritual quest and my vocation simply to create beautiful, ergonomic and functional objects to compliment your experience of the material world.

My Practise

I am steeped in history, tradition and experience. For me the challenge is to generate objects with the utmost integrity. For this reason I strive to use tools, machines and processes which produce the highest possible quality.
Fortunately I gave up on the search for perfection a few years back. Now I simply aspire to excellence.

Read More… ‘Practising Perfection’ (PDF, 180kb)

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