The Commission Process

Forming a Brief

Many of my creations are of a limited edition, so if you see a piece you like, I may have one or two in stock.

Most pieces in the Photo Gallery have been made in response to a specific Brief.

The Brief is a creative map responding to discussion with a Client and includes simple considerations such as the physical space an object will occupy. Then function, ergonomics, preferred materials, style and a host of influences form the terrain of the brief. A Brief is a written document I form from these factors in consultation with the Client. It informs the client and guides my design.

Design-development and presentation

Consideration and culling of options is an important aspect of design. It takes a lot of brainpower, time and sweet inspiration. Presentation or communication with the client is through sketches, plans and elevations, 3D rendering and scale models. The only surprise when the finished pieces are delivered are the fine details the client discovers.

Payment and Delivery

An important part of a brief is the budget. The design component usually consumes 10 per cent of this and thus is a given cost whether the commission proceeds beyond the design stage or not. If a design is accepted then detailed costing is undertaken and a written contract is offered. This details the scope of the works and stages for progress payments. On completion all works are created and freighted world-wide, covered by insurance.


While I dearly love my creative work there is one great reward which transcends the joy I derive from this experience. I meet many lovely, interesting and wonderful Clients. I hope my designs give them lasting happiness as they bless my journey.

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