Gray Hawk Design

It has been nearly a year since we launched our new Factory, Studio and Showroom here at 5 Waverley Avenue Edwardstown.

What an amazing year it’s been! Our new state-of-the-art infrastructure has enabled us to continue creating exceptional quality objects for our discerning clients.

The new premises sees a vast increase in space for new and old machinery, racks loaded with prime feature grade timbers for those special projects, ultramodern finishing rooms and a classy well stocked showroom which you are welcome to visit.

A major aspect of setup has been health and safety. Our huge new dust extractor is super-efficient with other particle isolation and filtration systems keeping our lungs and workspace in top shape. Lighting has been a priority with new UV blocks on our skylights to protect the polished pieces and LED lighting throughout, it’s a joy to see the detail of the works in progress.

Collecting and milling feature timber from natural attrition sources has been an ongoing aspect of our ethos and distinctive style. We are annually milling wind felled Redgum from the Limestone coast, renowned for its distinctive beauty. A range of other exceptional trees have come our way this year, and are now sawn and drying. While ‘”eco- friendly” is now sounding overused, I’m grateful we have consistently for the last decade been using Formaldehyde free non-toxic hardwood ply from certified FSC sources as our primary sheet material for cores in cabinet and table construction. Whilst this is not visible to the eye of the beholder, it reflects the care and ethics that Gray Hawk Design represents.

Working in this ideal environment utilizing these beautiful premium materials generates a deep respect and elicits integrity from this team. Our clients witness and experience this process and glean the rewards with outstanding functional objects to be treasured.

I feel very blessed to be creating the furniture I do, in the facility I have, with the people that appreciate and respect it. Onwards and upwards!

Gray Hawk

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